More animating

So work on the Children’s society project goes on, I’m deep into the animating now and am finally getting the hang of the charcoal process, although I  definitely still have a long way to go. Things I have learned about charcoal animation:

  • Patience patience patience patience. Sometimes you have to do a shot four times, sometimes it doesn’t look any better on the fourth, do it again.
  • Using tracing paper and a lightbox as guides is extremely useful when animating straightforward, sometimes it is impossible without.
  • Walking sequences are a nightmare, why I have three in my film I’ll never know.
  • Soft charcoal, soft paper and soft putty rubber, all work a lot better than the harder alternatives.
  • Try to make the background boil consistently as you animate, otherwise it looks a bit weird.
  • It doesnt matter if the character doesn’t stay consistently the same size and volume but it does matter that he doesn’t look stiff, so remember to keep the lines fluid and not be too lazy to do an extra frame if that is whats needed.
  • Sometimes fill works better than lines, especially for transformations, metamorphoses.
  • A lot is forgiven when the animation is beautiful
  • Nothing else is noticed when it’s not
  • Give characters time to stop and think between movements

Here’s a not very good quality video of one of my favourite shots so far…

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