Patrick Heron

I was in St Ives on holiday and decided to pop in to see the Patrick Heron exhibition at the Tate. I didn’t know much about him but the moment I walked in and saw the huge brightly coloured canvases, I knew it would be a hit.


I loved the way he talks about shape and colour being the same thing in his paintings, the colour suggests the shape, the boundaries between shapes are made of colour. It made me feel quite giddy. I also love the way Patrick Heron explains his process:

“My fifteen foot canvases, involving sixty or more square feet of a signle colour, were painted [in oil paint] from end to end with small Japanese water-colour brushes. But one doesn’t hand-paint for the sake of the “hand-done”; one merely knows that the surfaces worked in this way can – in fact they must – register a different nuance of spatial evocation and movement in every single square millimetre” Patrick Heron 1970

My favourite painting in the exhibition was this one:

I love his wobbly line work and the way the colour doesn’t go quite up to the lines and it made me think I’d love to try making animation that looks like this….

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