Aldeburgh and the Britten-Pears Foundation

Our first project of the new term is a pitch for the English National Opera. I’ve chosen to work on Noye’s Fludde, an opera written for children by Benjamin Britten.

I immediately loved the idea of a medium that seems so inaccessible being opened up to primary school children and decided in my animation to focus on this aspect of the production.

To this end I went to the Benjamin Britten archive in Aldeburgh to see what I could dig up. I’d never been to an archive before and was nervous about how it all worked, but they were extremely friendly when I told them about my project and ended up bringing me all sorts of things that I didn’t even know I was looking for!

Original Ceri Richards designs for animal costumes:


Costumes from the original production, below a sheep headdress with my sketches of other costumes.







Woodcut from the Benjamin Britten copy of the Chester Mystery Plays
Benjamin Britten’s original score of the storm

Some queer animations from the internet

I’ve been doing some research for my animated documentary essay which I want to do about stories of gender and transition. I scoured queer animation festivals and got lots of great recommendations from Lilly Husbands, but found almost no documentaries about this topic, however I did find some pretty great films, which I thought I’d start collating here for reference.

I really liked the technique used here to show the experience of dysphoria without using human bodies. The art itself is not all that exciting to me but I did like the way the cars turned corners and the sideways faces of the animals.

Toutes Nuancees by Chloe Alliez¬†(needs to be viewed on vimeo) is a puppet film about a woman who loves women. I really liked the puppets – who are all made out of light switches, and I thought the way bodies are represented is really interesting. The interplay between the voiceover describing stereotyped women’s roles and the visuals that show women disrupting those stereotypes was¬†playful and clever.


Teagan – a story about transitioning from male to female is a documentary – I don’t think the way it is animated is hugely exciting, but it does do what I am looking for so I may use it in my essay.

We’ve been around is a collection of short films about Trans* heroes, the animation isn’t very good, but the idea of using animation to highlight voices and faces that wouldn’t have been thought worth recording at the time is an interesting one.

I loved this puppet animation about a mother shopping her finger off while her son tries to come out to her in the background.