Some queer animations from the internet

I’ve been doing some research for my animated documentary essay which I want to do about stories of gender and transition. I scoured queer animation festivals and got lots of great recommendations from Lilly Husbands, but found almost no documentaries about this topic, however I did find some pretty great films, which I thought I’d start collating here for reference.

I really liked the technique used here to show the experience of dysphoria without using human bodies. The art itself is not all that exciting to me but I did like the way the cars turned corners and the sideways faces of the animals.

Toutes Nuancees by Chloe Alliez¬†(needs to be viewed on vimeo) is a puppet film about a woman who loves women. I really liked the puppets – who are all made out of light switches, and I thought the way bodies are represented is really interesting. The interplay between the voiceover describing stereotyped women’s roles and the visuals that show women disrupting those stereotypes was¬†playful and clever.


Teagan – a story about transitioning from male to female is a documentary – I don’t think the way it is animated is hugely exciting, but it does do what I am looking for so I may use it in my essay.

We’ve been around is a collection of short films about Trans* heroes, the animation isn’t very good, but the idea of using animation to highlight voices and faces that wouldn’t have been thought worth recording at the time is an interesting one.

I loved this puppet animation about a mother shopping her finger off while her son tries to come out to her in the background.