Puppet Animation (first go)

I tried puppet animation for the first time this week and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to do more. Here is my process so far, first I shot the key frames on dragon frame:


Then I shot the full take against a green screen:


And then I keyed out the colour in after effects so I had a white background:


My next plan is to add facial features, and possibly clothes to the puppet in photoshop…


Body acting

We did a really fun exercise with Lydia in our movement class today where we had to shout out an emotion and the people in our group had to immediately strike whatever pose that evoked for them, then we had a couple of minutes to sketch each composition. These are my sketches below, I really like the roughness of them:


Trying to do more biologically accurate drawing has been a struggle for me, but I guess it’s always good to try a challenge even if I don’t think the result is wildly exciting…


I tried a more cartoony lion on photoshop, it skips a bit but is friendly looking at least…

Final lion, I think this one is quite cute.