In July, I worked with two children’s charities: the Ministry of Stories and Place2be to make a series of animated films with a group of nine to eleven year olds about feelings. I worked primarily with Michelle and Glerja who had lots of very strong ideas about their film. Together we worked to turn this flow of  “a girl with purple hair stuck in a box” and “and then she’s in Paris!” “Yeah and a crepe comes down from the sky!” “and there’s a dog!” “and they fall in love!” into a story board that we could work with. Over several workshops,  we finessed the story, wrote the script and designed the characters and backgrounds. It was really fun working with young people again, which is what I used to do before starting this masters, but it was difficult to marry the two worlds into one place. My instinct was to let the kids run wild with their imagination but simultaneously I am only too aware of my own limitations as an animator and was terrified of disappointing them.

Initial storyboard…


Script Editing…

Storyboard – second draft….

Background and character design

I’ll put the finished film up here as soon as it’s done!